There are many ways in which you can help!


We welcome all cooperations that can be of mutual benefit. If you have any proposals, please contact Espérance.

Making donations

Even small amounts can make a big difference. For instance $2.5 buys 1 machete with which a piece of land can be cleared for cultivation. Only $3 will buy 1 hoe, $10 buys 10 kg of seeds for a farmer and $6.5 can provide for 10 sacks for packaging the cassava flour, maize and beans. Donate $45 and you will be providing a month's salary for one of the mill-workers and with $560 a mill can be bought to grind the cultivated cassava into flour. Every donation counts, so no matter how much or little you can spare, you will have a direct impact on the farmers and their families.  Donations will be spent entirely on the purpose they are given for!


Direct donation to our bank account

Account name : PIRD Asbl
Account Number : 1252 - 3919048 - 00 - 50
Swift code : TRMSCD3L


Donation for GBV survivors Education from USA


Western Union

  1. Click on the Western Union image
  2. Follow the instructions on their website
  3. Make funds payable to:Lend an hand

Kugonza Nyalubu Espérance
23 ituri, Lumumba, Bunia, RD Congo

Spreading the word

Let your friends, family and other people in your community know what PIRD is doing. Put a link on your weblog or send emails to everyone you know with a link to this page. Spread the word, but please don't spam.

Any other way you want to help us

If you feel you can help in any other way than suggested ( maybe you have specific ideas how to make the projects of PIRD a bigger success? ) then we would like very much that you contact us as well.