Our vision:

We dream of thriving societies in which people can be happy and which can be sustained indefinitely. This includes a harmonious co-existence with (and a sustainable use of) the natural environment because all of us need their natural environment for a healthy and sustainable future.
Our mission:

Recover communities from war and assist them with developing in an intelligent, loving/caring, sustainable way into the future. The current area of focus is Ituri - DRC.

An overview of our main strategies (related to our mission):

  • (Re-)igniting a (sustainable) economy with agriculture as the primary motor to start with.
  • Cooperating with other organisations for securing and reinforcing peace.
  • Re-activating and developing all other activities that make a healthy society, like education and healthcare.
  • Creating awareness among population and leaders regarding sustainability in all its aspects.
  • Creating awareness among population and leaders regarding the importance and potential of all resources in Ituri and how they could be best used.
  • National and international lobbying activities to promote sustainable development and sustainable use of resources in Ituri and to try to prevent unsustainable , damaging tendencies to occur.

The complete, detailed strategic plan of PIRD is available upon request.