Our way of working is a complete, thorough and multi-dimensional approach to recover and develop the communities. Because of this, the basis of our activities in communities or regions, is in principle a strategic recovery and development plan. PIRD was first active in the Community of Boga before extending its activities in the whole territory of IRUMU and other territories: Djugu, Mambasa and Mahagi. At the moment PIRD is managing the following projects: 

1.    Farming Program

1.1.    General Farming project

The aim of the farming projects is to empower households to be able to take care of their families through farming yields.

Through mobilization of resources, PIRD identifies which households will be beneficiaries of the projects. PIRD organizes a training seminar using a DVD on sustainable agriculture provided by our US-based agricultural advisor Ken Hargesheimer. Ken teaches organic, no-till gardening, mini-farming and mini-ranching in permanent beds using bucket drip irrigation.

Before the harvest, PIRD organizes another training seminar for groups of farmers on family budget management. The aim of this seminar is to show how farmers can use their agricultural products to feed their families and sell another part to help them satisfy other needs such as clothing, sending their children to school, etc. 


•    An average of 260 households per year benefit from the project and are continually receiving advice from PIRD team.

1.2.    Farming in Boga

In Boga work is under way by farmers already, but much more is planned. Feel free to click on our links below to give you an impression of what is being planned and done:

•    Achievements in Boga
•    Images of Boga

1.3    Rehabilitation of agricultural service roads

PIRD has understood that to empower household’s economy through farming larger fields are needed. This is why PIRD members and staff have decided to work on rehabilitation of agricultural service roads to allow farmers to easily get to their farms. At the end of 2016, PIRD managed to trace 10 km of trajectory to the fields.

Actually PIRD is qualified as a Local Executing Agency of the  Fonds Social de le Republique Democratique du Congo to open roads in the town more details on the project can be found here.

2.    Education and Gender Based Sexual Violence Survivors Program

After strong collaboration with United Women for Peace and Social Promotion (UFPPS) in the implementation of its activities "do not keep silence" over the sexual violence survivors, PIRD is now conducting activities to better meet survivors needs. These activities are:

  • Psychosocial and Spiritual Support through Tunaweza programme;
  • Economic empowerment through Micro-loans programme.
  • Education and vocational training through GBV survivors Education programme

2.1.    Tunaweza

Tunaweza in Swahili means we are able to have an inclusive approach to addressing gender-based violence. The Tunaweza programme helps women to come and talk about their problems and get psychosocial and spiritual support from PIRD mentors who were trained through the UFPPS GBV survivor’s project:  “Do not keep silence over the sexual violence”.

PIRD opened 1 centre where women can meet and exchange experiences and get GBV support. It is a place where they can share their pain and laughter.
Through this programme and according to the fund fundraised, PIRD organized community mobilization on Gender-Based Violence to reduce the vulnerability of people to future acts of abuse and violence.


3 mentors have been trained to provide SGBV services

2.2    Micro-loans

Most of the women under this project are GBV survivors from UFPPS (Union des Femmes pour la Paix et la Promotion Sociale) that PIRD want to reintegrate into society.  PIRD assess and provide micro-loans from $50 to $100 in a period of 2 months. Once loans are repaid, PIRD selects other beneficiaries to give them a loan and also among those who have received previously the micro-loans and who respected the deadline of return, PIRD can increase their loan for the coming cycle up to 250$.

2.3    GBV survivors Education

The aim of this project is to assist female victims of sexual violence by training them. The training focuses on 2 types of victims of sexual violence:

  • Children who have been sexually assaulted and have re-entered school or whose mothers have been sexually assaulted and have re-entered school but are unable to pay their school fees;
  • Women or girls who have been raped and who have chosen to undergo vocational training: cutting and sewing.

Achievements :

  • 2016-2017, PIRD received grant from Jacknella and 14 survivors were assisted through advocacy by Mugisa Isingoma and the fundraising by Lynn van Keulen.  
  • 2017-2018, PIRD received grants from Jacknella but also from W2W4Congo of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia through Susan Broaddus advocacy and a total of 25 survivors were assisted. 


 2.4   UFPPS Collaboration

For more information on the activities conducted by UFPPS and PIRD, Kindly read this report-document (in French) on recent achievements. Please read here for more information about UFPPS and about our cooperation.

3.    Environmental Projects

PIRD really wants to be active in the protection of biodiversity and promotion of local culture. So far PIRD has had only one seminar on environmental protection for its staff. No projects have been financed as of yet, while local communities are unaware of the importance of the protection of local biodiversity and promotion of the community culture. We really want to change that and if you think you can help strengthen our environmental activities, please contact us. At the moment we have a project to build an animal shelter for Nahani in the village of Boga. Nahani are a species of monkey listed by IUCN as a threatened species and the local community is not aware of this. We need $4k to take care of 10 Nahani and sensitize community. We would really like your help in protecting these beautiful animals.