We have a small headquarters in Bunia, the capital of Ituri. The staff at headquarters is kept as small as possible. PIRD operates its own small farm and more activities are being planned to keep our headquarters self-sustained. This enables us to plan the projects without administrative and staff costs for the headquarters in the project-budgets. Separate from the ( permanent ) headquarters we set up the necessary organizations for the programs and projects. This is done on a case by case basis. Of course capable managers and specialists are , after completion of programs/projects , being re-assigned to new activities as much as possible.

Meet our Congolese staff and volunteers and our international volunteers:

  • Espérance Kugonza Ny (DR Congo) - President
  • Patience Kambonesa (DR Congo) - Public Relations in DRC
  • Evatusi Bandemesa (DR Congo) - Project Manager (day to day leadership of projects )
  • Sambuso Byakunaga (DR Congo) - Assistant/Replacement Project Manager
  • Kisembo Dino (DR Congo) - Secretary
  • Kandole Kahwa (DR Congo) - Agronomist
  • Ken Hargesheimer (United States) - Advisor Sustainable Agriculture
  • Vada del Conte (United States) - Advisor and (international) Coordinator Eduction Projects
  • Charlotte Isingoma (DR Congo) - Assesor Healthcare Needs
  • Désiré Mirindi (DR Congo) - Technical Assistant
  • Karen Carpenter (United States) - Translator and Editor
  • Carlos Andrés Enmanuel (Italy) - Translator
  • Katja van Essen (The Netherlands) - Webmaster

Our international volunteers all work completely unpaid. Of course not everyone from the local staff in DRC can work voluntary/unpaid, because most people in DRC cannot afford this. Our president Espérance Kugonza, however, works unpaid as well, which shows the commitment and integrity of our organisation.

Will you join us? We are looking for more enthousiastic, dedicated and skilled individuals for the areas of recovery and sustainable development of communities ( including preservation of natural environment and cultures ) and website management.  Please contact us if you feel you can contribute and really want to make a difference!