About Ituri:

Map IturiThe district of Ituri is a very special area. The Iturian part of the African rainforest has one of the highest rates of different species per square kilometre in the world. It's also the home of the Mbuti pygmies and on top of that the earth is very rich in gold, diamonds, oil and  coltan. All the above is a very special combination , but also a very dangerous one. From 1997 to 2003 Ituri was the scene of rebellions, inter ethnic aggressions and wars without mercy. Hatred and division between the ethnic groups was stirred up by great powers of biased groups from neighbouring countries and Congolese politicians. This led to massacres, massive destruction, war crimes, gross violations of human rights and crimes against humanity. The aggravators, in many cases influenced and supported by parties from outside Ituri, used the instability in the area to plunder the mineral resources and forests of Ituri.

In recent years the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Ituri district have made significant progress towards peace. Now that safety in improved Ituri can be (and needs to be) reconstructed. PIRD is setting up programs to help the communities rebuild through sustainable, social, economic and environmental development.
Until 2006 Ituri was one of the four districts of the Eastern Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, bordering Uganda in the east, Sudan in the  north, the District of Haut-Uélé in the north-west, Tshopo in the west and the North-Kivu province in the south. In 2006, with a new constitution, Ituri gained the status of a province, one of twenty-five provinces of D.R. Congo, not counting the town of Kinshasa, the capital. However the constitutional changes regarding new provinces have not yet been implemented and therefore Ituri is still mentioned as a district.

About Boga:

Boga Town CenterBoga is a small community with normally approximately 7500 inhabitants , situated in Ituri near the border with Uganda. The border is formed by the river Semiliki , a tributary of lake Edward and the Nile. 20 to 25 years ago, the community of Boga was very known because of their coffee growing. Traders came from many areas to buy coffee in Boga. In fact coffee is a part of Boga's tradition; when a boy is 6 years old, he will start drinking coffee with his father.

Due to the recent civil war the inhabitants of Boga are poor and vulnerable people and the local economy has come to a total halt. People barely survive by growing small amounts of food crops. They have no means to start more substantial agriculture. On top of this there are large groups of refugees in and around Boga, because the surrounding smaller villages are very unsafe and the whole area is still not stable. Our aim is to facilitate activities for survival, early recovery and towards sustainable, happy and flourishing societies.

Boga is the birthplace of the president of our organisation , Esperance Kugonza , we have decided to start our recovery activities for Ituri in Boga and expand carefully from there on.